Training of Military Observers (new: UN Military Experts on Mission) and Staff Officers

Interested persons who meet the requirement profile (German/French/Italian only) are admitted to the United Nations Military Observer Course (UNMOC) after a comprehensive evaluation. Most Swiss officers complete this course in Switzerland at SUNMOC (Swiss UNMOC). The course usually lasts five weeks and is initially held at the Wil barracks in Oberdorf near Stans (Training Centre SWISSINT - German/French/Italian only). The final exercise, which lasts several days, takes place in the Appenzell area.

The courses are internationally oriented. In addition to the participants from Switzerland, an equal number of foreign officers from Europe, Asia and Africa are trained. The instruction team with operational experience is also international (e.g. Canada, Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland).

Further information on training as a UN Military Expert on Mission is available directly from the Training Centre SWISSINT (German/French/Italian only).