ASMO Events

During the year, ASMO holds a number of events. Of particular mention are the Annual General Meeting, the monthly get-together (“Stamm”) as well as the autumn outing.

12.06.2024 – Board Meeting, Zurich
21st to 22.09.2024 – Autumn Outing, Puschlav (Val Poschiavo, TI)
16.10.2024 – Board Meeting, Olten
22.01.2025 – Board Meeting, Bern
21.03.2025 – Members Assembly, Zurich Airport

Annual General Meeting

ASMO’s Annual General Meeting takes place in March each year.

Autumn Outing

(Reports in German only until 2022)

Autumn Outing 2023: Insight into the SBB Operations Center in Olten (Report by Major Werner Reise)
Autumn Outing 2021: Adventure on Lake Lucerne: Community Day in Lucerne (Report by Beat Haenni)
Autumn Outing 2020: Solothurn Vineyards: Community and History (Report by Beat Haenni)
Autumn Outing 2019: Insight into Humanitarian Engagement and Alpine Excursion with Dr. med. Enrique Steiger (Report by Beat Haenni)
Autumn Outing 2018: Visit to the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen and Guided Tour in Constance (Report by Beat Haenni)
Autumn Outing 2017: Combating Terrorism in Switzerland: Assessment, Perspectives, and Challenges (Report by Beat Haenni)
Autum Outing 2016: Presentation by Pierre-Dominique Hool on the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine with wine tasting in Malans
Autum Outing 2015: Two-day outing at Lac de Tanay (Report by Andreas Widmer)
Autum Outing 2014: Visit to CERN in Geneva (Report by Fräne Zürcher)
Autum Outing 2013: Presentation by Colonel GS Jean-Jacques Joss, NNSC Head of Mission in Korea 2007 to 2012 (Report by Beat Haenni)
Autum Outing 2012: Visit to Ligerz and wine tasting (Report by Beat Haenni)
Autum Outing 2011: Presentation by Dr Arnold Hottinger (Report by Beat Haenni)
Autum Outing 2010: Two-day jubilee outing to the Grimsel area (Report by Beat Haenni)
Autum Outing 2009: Visit to the Cindey fortification near St. Maurice (Report by Beat Haenni)
Autum Outing 2008: Presentation by National Councillor Pius Segmüller,  Commander of the Papal Swiss Guard (Pontificia Cohors Helvetica) 1998 to 2002 (Report by Beat Haenni)
Autum Outing 2007: Family visit to the Zurich television studio (Report by Beat Haenni)
Autum Outing 2006: Presentation by Heidi Tagliavini, former Head of Mission in Georgia UNOMIG (Report by Chrige Heggli)
Autum Outing 2005: Visit to the UN Headquarters and the ICRC in Geneva (Report by Chrige Heggli)

Monthly Get-together

The monthly Bernese get-together takes place on the first Thursday each month from 18 o’clock at the Hotel National in Bern.