Purpose & Articles of Association of ASMO

Extract from the ASMO statutes:

Art. 1
1 The Association of Swiss Military Observers, hereinafter referred to as ASMO, is an association within the meaning of
Art. 60 ff of the Swiss Civil Code with its registered office in Berne.
2. within the scope of its activities, the ASMO places itself at the service of peacekeeping operations with
Swiss participation.
3. the ASMO is the national association of Swiss military observers (MO).

Art. 2
1. the purpose of the ASMO is
a the cultivation of comradeship, also with foreign MOs,
b the exchange of information within and outside the association,
c to spread the idea of peacekeeping and
d to advise members and their family members.
2. the association is politically and denominationally neutral.

The full text of the Articles of Association dated April 22, 1994 (as of March 14, 2014) can be found here (only in German).