Report on the 2019 fall event

After a lengthy discussion, a majority of the members present at the AGM approved an increase in the "Events" budget item, making it possible for the renowned cosmetic and war surgeon Dr. Enrique Steiger to speak. The speaker's fee will flow into his "Swisscross" foundation, see below.

As Mr. Steiger has great sympathy for our type of foreign missions, he was exceptionally prepared to give a talk for us on a Saturday. The only condition was that the event should take place in Zurich. With a room in the "Stiftung zum Glockenhaus" building, we found a venue where we could enjoy an excellent aperitif riche without much delay.

Mr. Steiger is co-owner of the Utoquai Beauty Clinic in Zurich and is also involved in other clinics in Dubai and Los Angeles. In addition to his work as a plastic surgeon, he regularly undertakes 3 - 6 month missions as a war surgeon in all kinds of crisis areas around the world. His list of countries where he has been deployed corresponds roughly to the list of countries in which a conflict has broken out in the last 20 years. He showed us some of his missions with many pictures and some short films.

Mr. Steiger then went on to talk about the "Swisscross" foundation he had set up. The purpose of the foundation is to train medical personnel in crisis areas around the world, improve working conditions and protect humanitarian missions. He also presented his idea of a humanitarian rapid reaction force that would be deployed to conflict zones to protect humanitarian and medical personnel and their facilities.

We would like to thank Dr. Steiger warmly for his very impressive and excellent presentation and wish him all the best and every success for future missions.

After the lecture and aperitif riche, some of us said goodbye, but as it was beautiful autumn weather, 10 people took the Uetlibergbahn to the Uetliberg and hiked from there to Felsenegg in 90 minutes. We enjoyed the view and a drink on the terrace of the restaurant before taking the cable car to Adliswil and then back to Zurich.

B. Haenni