Report at the General Meeting and the 2021 fall event

Fog over Lucerne

With great anticipation, 21 members and 6 accompanying persons met on Saturday, October 30, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. at the train station in Lucerne. After a warm welcome to all participants, the program unfortunately already had to be changed. The flexibility of all participants was quickly put to the test. Which was not a problem, given the enormous experience in crisis management.

Unfortunately, the planned aperitif on the trip on the Rolling Home from Lucerne on Lake Lucerne to Hergiswil could not take place as planned. Heavy fog in Hergiswil made a trip on the lake impossible. We received the news by telephone at 09.00 on the train to Lucerne. Now, as I said, we had to act flexibly. Organize tickets, take the bus from the main station to the football stadium in Lucerne and then change to the S-Bahn in the direction of Hergiswil.

The aperitif also had to be reorganized. Fortunately, the staff at the Glasi Hergiswil restaurant were quick to offer us an aperitif on arrival. We were all able to toast the event with excellent white wine from the canton of Lucerne. It was with some regret that we saw the Rolling Home in Hergiswil harbor. How nice it would have been to take a boat trip on this special ship...

After the aperitif, we went on a tour of Glasi Hergiswil in two groups. The tour started with a visit to the museum, where the history of the Glasi was impressively explained to us by light and sound. Afterwards, we were able to watch the glassmakers at work in the spectator gallery. A craft that fascinated us. Then we went into the glass labyrinth, which presented some members with a few difficulties. A visit to the store was of course a must. With many new impressions, we then headed back to the Glasi restaurant for lunch around midday.

The fog had now lifted over the lake and it would have been possible to return to Lucerne on the Rolling Home. The option was quickly checked and a departure from the harbor at 3 p.m. was agreed.

The service staff were informed that we could please receive the food in quick succession, as we still had to hold the 26th Annual General Meeting. No sooner said than done, the service was quick and efficient, the food was excellent and everyone enjoyed the red wine from the canton of Lucerne. Lively and exuberant conversations could be heard at every table.

At 1.30 p.m., the President opened the 26th Annual General Meeting. It was the Board's ambitious task to end the meeting by 3.00 pm. The target was masterfully met and a precision landing was achieved! Now we went to the harbor in Hergiswil. Some members were ready to say goodbye, as the boat trip was not planned that way and they drove to Hergiswil by car.

The captain and his charming wife welcomed the remaining members to the very special ship. We enjoyed the white wine on - and below deck. The pleasant personal conversations continued and some of us were able to reminisce about the "good old days" on board. Old stories were told and the white wine was toasted and drunk. There was so much to see on and off the boat. We took a leisurely cruise around the mountains of Lake Lucerne and were able to experience the owners' last voyage on the Rolling Home. They had been sailing on the lake for over 30 years. It was with great sadness that we were bid farewell by the captain and his wife at around 4.15 pm. Goodbye Rolling Home. Hopefully we will see you on the lake again next year.

A wonderful day came to an end and many wonderful memories remained.

We look forward to the next meeting in March 2022!

Fog over Lucerne